JPDB Admin for MariaDB [Version: 1.3.17]
Feature Matrix
Windows 64 bits
Windows 32 bits
Runs on Windows and Linux/UNIX
Linux GTK2 32 bits
Linux GTK2 64 bits
Linux QT 32 bits
Linux QT 64 bits
Supported OS'es
Connection Management and Navigation
MySQL Servers 5.x or above, MariaDB, Percona Server, Drizzle and OurDelta
Assistant to manage the registration of multiple connections
Toggle between multiple local/remote server connections
Toggle between databases in the server
Manage databases, tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers and events
Manage table subobjects: fields, keys, foreign keys and triggers
Table Designer: create tables visually
Exclusive SQL Editor to customize the SQL code generated by the Table Designer
Simple Management of All MySQL Objects
Dialog boxes with option to quick and easy editing of the codes SQL generated
Dialog box that allows the access and editing of all the table options
Quick and easy to rename objects and editing comment of the objects
Generates scripts CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE statements to the script editor or clipboard
Easy access to DDL objects
Easy access to online help to some actions SQL
SQL script editor and query executor with syntax highlight and code folding
Support to code completion to SQL commands, tables and field with data type
Specialized functions to code edition: indent, unindent, breaking lines, change case, replace and toggle comment
Visual and Text Tools for Query Building and Editing SQL Scripts
Multiple SQL script editors in tabs
SQL script editor with quick filtering of data in query results
Export the SQL script to HTML with colorful syntax highlight
Possibility to cancel the execution of the a SQL scripts
Visual query builder allowing you to build complicated queries without any knowledge of SQL syntax
View (with option automatic data paging), insert, edit, delete (allows multiple deletion), sort and copy any data stored in registered database
Advanced Data Manipulation Tools
Allows to view and edit BLOB fields (image) and MEMO fields
Session Data Access with quick filtering of data in tables and views
Allows change the settings for exporting metadata and data to a SQL file or clipboard
Assistant to export metadata and data from a database to a SQL file or clipboard
Assistant to export data from a table to a file: CSV, TXT, SQL, LaTeX, ASCII XML, MSAccess XML, ADO.NET XML, Client Dataset Delphi XML and Excel XML
Export and Import Capabilities
Import metadata and/or data through the execution of any SQL script
Preview and Print Reports
Preview and print tables list
Preview and print query results
Preview and print SQL scripts
Allows reports to be saved in a own format or in PDF, HTML, TXT, PNG, JPG or BMP
Allows to monitoring environment variables, server status, and running processes
User list, delete users and dialog box that allows to manage users and permissions
Security and Monitoring
Other Features and Characteristics
Multi select in all objects lists using CTRL or SHIFT
Multi deleting of databases and object databases
Quick filtering for all objects lists
Assistant to check new version
Can be used for commercial purposes
Simple and practical notes pane
Tools Solutions for Database and Development
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