08/02/2013 - JPDB Admin for MariaDB - Version: 1.3.17
New Features:
- Included button "Close Query" in the View Data section and in the query
results panel;
- Included in the popup menu in the View Data section and in the query results
panel the items "Fit Columns Width", "Equal Width Columns" and
"Close Query";

- Standardized typing of the Default Value of a field in the Table Designer
and dialog box "create/edit field";
- Small improvement to edit memo or BLOB fields in empty tables without
clicking the New button;
- Improvement in loading the list of databases on the Connections Wizard;
- Improvement in error handling on commit data from a query;
- Improvement the behavior of items "commit" and "rollback" from the popup
menu in the View Data section and in the query results panel;
- Improvement use of line breaks in the generated code for SELECT, INSERT,
- Visual improvements in the View Data section and in the query results

- Minor revisions in translations;
- Fixed bug in focus control of components that, at times, prevented (Windows
only) the registration of more than one connection through the Connection
- Fixed bug that occurred when using the monitoring tool with versions 5.0.x
of MySQL;
- Fixed use of the backspace key was not working when editing numeric fields;
- Fixed: button "Remove Filter" in the View Data section;
- Fixed: total pages number of records when using pagination and SQL filter at
the same time in the View Data section;
- Fixed bug that caused the edit button memo and blob disappear when using the
paging buttons in the View Data section;
- Small correction in the list of table fields that was not showing default
values ​​equal to NULL;

07/09/2013 - JPDB Admin for MariaDB - Version: 1.3.0
New Features:
- Now the JPDB Admin for MariaDB is multilingual (Chinese, English, German,
Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish). Being the english the
primary language;

- Improvements in some texts hints buttons;
- Now the Manual button displays an overview of the application;
- The General Options dialog can now be closed with the ESC key;
- Other minor improvements;

- In SQL Script Editor, was corrected the keyboard shortcut to the New Archive
button (now working);
- In the dialog Edit Field, was corrected the rule editing type fields
DOUBLE informed when there is a value for decimal places;

06/20/2013 - JPDB Admin for MariaDB - Version: 1.2.0
Operating Systems:
- Added new versions of Windows 64bit and Linux 64bit.

New Features:
- [Table Designer] Included tips for columns PK, UK, KEY, NN, AI and Field
- [SQL Editor] Included in the popup menu listing the tab query result;
- [SQL Editor] column truncated tip Included in the list of results tab
- [SQL Editor] included in the query result tab, view functions
and edit BLOB fields and MEMO (previously only had data tab).

- [Table Designer] New Table icon on the Record button;
- [Table Designer] window is no longer modal and non closes after
save the table. This enables you to do other tasks while it creates
tables and you can create multiple tables without getting reopening the
window. Also included was a new Exit button on the toolbar
- [Dialogue Foreign Key] Improved catch the list of tables;
- [Connections Assistant] Double click the listing, connects to item
- [General] Improved code completion (auto-complete point
- [General] Improved the behavior of some items from the popup menu tab
- [General] Improved the level of window scaling to large
setting, for example, 1024x768 resolution in Unity Ubuntu Linux;
- [General] menu item Run as Administrator (useful only on Windows) does not
longer appears in versions for Linux;
- [General] Removed menu item for Minimize to Tray
Incompatibility with various window managers and their
low importance.

- [Delete Bank] Fixed small bug and improved performance;
- [SQL Editor] Fixed popup menu editor;
- [SQL Editor] Fixed a few items from the Edit menu;
- [SQL Editor] Fixed tips toolbar;
- [Dialogue Users] Fixed title;
- [Connections Assistant] Fixed order of fields of focus when using the
TAB key;
- [Registration Dialog] Fixed font size of some texts on Linux GTK;
- [Registration Dialog] Fixed link to get registration code;
- [General] Fixed application title button in Ubuntu Linux's Unity;
- [General] Fixed the behavior of some windows on Ubuntu Unity and
in LXDE;
- [General] Fixed link for the menu item "Buy ...";
- [General] Various visual fixes for Linux GTK;
- [General] Other minor adjustments callouts, icons, etc..

06/10/2013 - JPDB Admin for MariaDB - Version: 1.1.2
First version released for sale.

- Visual and modern cross-platform (Windows 32-bit and 32-bit Linux GTK or QT);
- Support and Unicode character tables;
- Assistant to easily create tables using a data grid (style
MS Access and IBExpert);
- Support the creation and editing of the main database objects (views,
triggers, functions, etc.);
- Several dialogs for creating, editing and / or deleting fields, keys,
foreign keys, etc.;
- Dialog for managing users and permissions;
- Visualization of data including BLOB and MEMO fields (image);
- Full Editor SQL queries and scripts with highlight and auto
Smart Code. Autocompleta point to tables with fields
viewing field types;
- Generates scripts CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE statements to
the script editor or clipboard;
- Reports scripts and results display and export
report to PDF, HTML, text and image;
- Export SQL scripts to HTML with syntax highlighting colorful, ideal
for online sharing and documentation;
- Visual Query Builder (allows visually create queries without knowing SQL);
- Monitoring tool for servers MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server;
- Export data from tables to SQL, TXT, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.;
- Backup Assistant and Metadata extraction;
- Support for importing data from SQL files;
- And much more.